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15 octubre 2021

2020 fue el año del COVID-19, pero desafortunadamente también se incrementaron los ciberataques. A medida que los trabajadores cambiaron a nuevas tendencias laborales como el teletrabajo, también lo hicieron las amenazas.

La pregunta no es si una organización será atacada, sino cuándo sucederá. Lamentablemente, las organizaciones criminales evolucionan más rápido que la mayoría de las empresas, lo que genera puntos ciegos y un mayor riesgo.

Conozca el tema central del Mes de la Ciberseguridad de BDO: "Encuentra tu punto ciego".

A lo largo del mes de octubre, nuestros diferentes Centros de Excelencia organizarán una variedad de webinars, abordando distintos aspectos de la ciberseguridad. El programa completo está disponible a continuación; las inscripciones están abiertas a cualquier persona interesada en la ciberseguridad.


​​​​​​​More information is available on the events site of BDO World.​​​​​​​

7 OCT 14:00 CET Governance & cyber security: What Directors need to know
Host : BDO Ireland
Language: English
The fundamentals of cyber security, incl. common terminology, governance & Directors Responsibilities Click here Click here
14 OCT 14:00 CET Common threats & vulnerabilities
Host: BDO Ireland
Language: English
Identifying the steps to take in diagnosing cyber vulnerability, incl. identification, assessment & understanding of risks Click here Click here
19 OCT 11:00 CET Vulnerability Management - Identify, Prioritise & Protect
Host: BDO The Netherlands
Language: English
How can we proactively find blind spots and fix potential weaknesses in the organisation's network security. As cyber security does not only apply to the URL of a company, it is imperative for any organisation to implement an effective Vulnerability Management to safeguard against attacks and threats in the environment. Click here Click here
20 OCT 10:00 GMT
15:00 CET
The increased need for remote CISO services/
Necesidad creciente de servicios remotos para CISO
Host: BDO Argentina
Language: Spanish
Learn the benefits of advanced digital CISO service, gap analysis and awareness platforms that provide a strategic direction for organisations and reduce IT and cyber security spend, especially for small and medium size organisations./
Conozca los beneficios del servicio CISO digital avanzado, el analisis de brechas y las platformas de concientizacion que brindan una direccion estratégica para las organizaciones y reducen la TI y el gasto en ciberseguridad, especialmente para organizaciones pequenas y medianas.
Click here Click here
21 OCT 10:00 CET
16:00 SGT
Understanding adversarial attacks to your business and ways to mitigate
Host: BDO Singapore
Language: English
Approaches on how adversaries can gain access to your network/applications.  How to protect your business from such attacks? Click here Click here
21 OCT 14:00 CET Protecting your organisation
Host: BDO Ireland
Language: English
Explaining core issues, why they matter and how to ensure they are actively managed. Click here Click here
25 OCT 12:00 EST
​​​​​​​18:00 CET
Manufacturing Industry: Protecting against insider risk threats
Host: BDO US
Language: English
The critical manufacturing sector reports the highest number of cyber attacks on industrial control systems.  What can you do to protect yourself? Click here Click here
26 OCT 11:00 EST
17:00 CET
How to defend from insider risk cyberthreats in the financial service industry
Host: BDO US
Language: English
Financial organisations are prime targets for malicious cyber attacks.  However, it's not the only threat they face;  Not a day passes without financial services employees putting data at risk through increasing insider threats.  Learn more. Click here Click here
26 OCT 11:00 CET From IR (Incident Response) to MDR (Managed Detection & Response)
Host: BDO UK & BDO Israel
Language: English

Prevention is no longer an option.  Detection & Response is key.  
What does it take to respond in a timely & effective manner?
What preperation should an organisation conduct to be ready for an incident?
Real incident response case studies will be examined, learning the benefits of combining MDR and IR capabilities.

Click here Click here
28 OCT 10:00 CET 16:00 SGT

Post-pandemic and into the endemic era, has anything changed in the cyber realm?
Host: BDO Singapore
​​​​​​​Language: English

With the continued spread of COVID-19, increased demand for IT support services everywhere.  As a result, nation-state and criminal cyber attack groups are taking advantage to target cyber vulnerabilities.  Learn more. Click here Click here
28 OCT 11:00 CET OT Network visibility
Host: BDO Germany
Language: English
As data collection and analysis become more important, Operational Technology (OT) cyber security has become crucial for protecting industrial networks, control systems and critical infrastructure.  Together with SCADAfence (vendor) we will look at best practices to protect OT systems, incl. Asset discovery, anomaly & vulnerability detection and automated compliance reporting.. Click here Click here
28 OCT 12:00 CET Incident Response
Host: BDO Ireland
Language: English
It is not a question of if, but when - investigate how the impact of a cyber incident depends on how an organisation responds both publicly and privately. Click here Click here